In years ending in 3 and 8 a delegation from Bega Australia visits Littleton for 10 days filled with fun events and tours of Littleton and Colorados best attractions.

    Share your favorite Littleton and Colorado places with people from Australia

o   Attend  planned events with the Bega delegation

o   Host Australians for  5 or 10 days

o   Build a relationship with Australians

In years ending in 1 and 6 Littleton delegates travel to Australia and stay with two host families during a ten day stay in the Bega Valley Shire.  The days are filled with group activities, sightseeing, and maybe a barbecue or two.   The Bega Valley Shire is located on the Sapphire Coast on the eastern shores of Australia.

    Tour Australia

o   Visit the Sapphire Coast

o   Enjoy Bega Valley Shire attractions and businesses

o   Stay with two Australian families